Robert Williams

Helping the Poor (19 Jul 2020)

Alma 35 in the Book of Mormon teaches a good well to help the poor. There was a group of people who were ostracized by the Zoramites because of their poverty and also because of their beliefs. So they were cast out of the land and went over to live with the People of Ammon. The People of Ammon received the poor Zoramites, "and they did nourish them, and did clothe them, and did give unto them lands for their inheritance; and they did administer unto them according to their wants." This reminds me of Rutger Bregman's TED talk [1] about how the best way to defeat poverty is to give people wealth. The thought of giving poor people food, clothing, and land might seem naive because they may just squander it. But that objection does not come from a belief in people; it comes from a distrust of people. I want to live in a society where we trust each other and believe everyone can succeed in spite of making mistakes sometimes. So let's have confidence in others and try to help them instead of only trying to protect ourselves and or interests from them.


[1] Poverty Isn't a Lack of Character, it's a Lack of Cash